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ECOLAB,  the state of the art water testing laboratory owned by GWC offers water testing services to help the customers determine the quality of water for their specific requirements. Ecolab is set up with state of the art lab instruments and an aesthetically designed laboratory floor.

The dedicated and well trained professionals at Ecolab have in depth knowledge of
internationally accepted test procedures and the laboratory undertakes a range of physical, chemical and microbiological testing on water and wastewater samples in accordance with validated methods.

Analysing Parameters

  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical Testing for Anions and Cations
  • Microbiological Testing for infectious microbes
  • Pesticide Residues

Water Consultancy Services

Green Water Concepts provides comprehensive consultancy services to clients in the specialised areas of drinking water treatment & disinfection, industrial water treatment, rainwater harvesting, packaged drinking water plants, waste water and environmental management. We offer process design, detailed engineering, packaged STP, turnkey solution, compact packaged treatment plant, up gradation, modification, erection and commissioning and operation and maintenance (AMC) of STP and ETP.

Consultancy For Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturing Units

We offer consultancy services for setting up a new packaged drinking water manufacturing unit including plant & machinery, laboratory etc. We help you to choose the right water treatment process based on the comprehensive water analysis report and best equipment and machinery that guarantee your ROI in a short period.

Drinking Water Treatment plants

Green Water Concepts professionals are well experienced in complete engineering design of water treatment plant with processes like clarification, filtration, disinfection, demineralization and more. These plants are designed under the guidance of expert professionals, who hold vast experience in this domain. They manufacture the entire range using high-grade raw material and advanced machines to remain in tandem with international standards and norms. Owing to their durability and hassle-free performance, these plants are widely demanded by the clients. Careful analysis of water samples is carried out and the appropriate treatment system is designed that ensures the treated water meets the standards of safe and pure drinking water.

Community Supply Schemes

Water quality is closely linked to the surrounding environment and land use. Other than in its vapor form, water is never pure and is affected by community uses such as agriculture, urban and industrial use, and recreation. The modification of natural stream flows by dams and weirs can also affect water quality. The weather, too, can have a major impact on water quality particularly in a dry country periodically affected by droughts. Groundwater is a major source of water in India. Groundwater is an integral part of our water supply. At times of low river flow, groundwater enters the rivers, maintaining river flow. Although data on groundwater quality is limited, it is clear that, like other bodies of water, groundwater close to urban or industrial development is vulnerable to contamination.

Community water supplies in both developing and developed countries are more frequently associated with outbreaks of waterborne disease than urban supplies. Green Water Engineers work together with local bodies to identify the root causes in relation to community supplies, and find workable solutions

Filtration & Disinfection


GWC has provided water treatment and filtration solutions for all types of applications, from our standardized products to industrial turnkey plants with a capacity up to 500 m3/ day. Our wide range of technologies and extended know-how in all water-related sectors will guarantee a cost-efficient solution that will meet water quality requirements of the society.


Green Water Concepts uses advanced and innovative technologies to sterilize drinking water which includes ultra-violet, ozonation and silver ionization. The efficacy of both ozonation and recently developed silver ionization technology is proven against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms.

Waste Water Treatment Plants

Waste water or Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from waste water, primarily from household sewage. Several physical, chemical, and biological processes are used to remove contaminants and produce treated waste water (or treated effluent) that is safer for the environment.

Green Water Concepts designs water treatment plants as per the requirement of the customers. Design criteria includes, chemical, physical and biological properties of raw water or raw sewage, target water quality, consumption per day for various uses, space availability etc.

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